State Fair Y’all!!!!

by megan

Categories: Real Estate


It’s the first day of fall everyone! One of the best things about fall, according to my husband……is the State Fair of Texas. He has his season tickets prominently displayed in the kitchen, and his dreams are of turkey legs, the car show and the newest “fried” thing.

If he drags anyone in our family to the fair with him, he insists on wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt because because, according to him, “then we won’t lose him” . He has been doing that since our kids were little, and try as we may to try to shake him, the tie-dye shirt and turkey leg never get too far from us. So if you spot a bearded, gray-headed, turkey leg carrying, tie dye t-shirt man, say hello to Karo.:-)

Please send us any funny state fair photos and we will add them to our blog! Happy fall!