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Urban home buyers searching for that small-town feel will be attracted to the Lakewood neighborhood. Small town residents have a strong affinity for everything local; the same could be said for Lakewood homeowners. They support neighborhood schools, patronize local businesses, and turn out for community events such as the Independence Day parade and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Lakewood residents are committed to maintaining a distinctive neighborhood that traces its roots to the early 1900’s. From the families who have been in the neighborhood for several generations to the newcomers, residents recognize each other as neighbors. The real wonder is that this friendly, cohesive, and supportive neighborhood is only ten minutes away from Downtown Dallas.

East Dallas, of which Lakewood is a part, is one of Dallas’ oldest and most venerable neighborhoods. Established in 1882, East Dallas predates Lakewood. Like Lakewood proper, East Dallas boasts of conservation and historic districts which protect the integrity of the architecture. The architectural styles worth preserving include Craftsman, Prairie-Four Squares, Tudors, Spanish and Mediterranean Eclectic and Early Ranch homes, many of native Austin stone. The homes range from two-bedroom bungalows to large estates. Add newly constructed houses to this stunning array, and you will find an exceptional home for every buyer.

Homeowners who already made the good decision to settle in Lakewood are grateful for active, but mostly voluntary HOAs which help keep the neighborhood safe and family friendly as they protect residential investments. The established neighborhoods in Lakewood consist primarily of well-kept, single-family homes with landscaped yards and mature trees.

Unique, locally-owned shops and restaurants can also be found within the borders. The Lakewood Shopping Center, which has preserved its landmark structure, the Lakewood Theater, is one of the oldest and most successful retail centers in Dallas. The Lakewood Country Club, one of Dallas’ earliest private clubs, is also nestled within the neighborhood. This picturesque 18-hole golf course with its three-story clubhouse is home to the Byron Nelson Junior Tournament each year.

One of the most extraordinary amenities is White Rock Lake, which borders Lakewood on the east. This 1,015 acre lake is a magnet for all outdoor enthusiasts, popular with runners, cyclists, boaters, and wildlife observers alike. An extensive dredging project, completed in 2000, helped to reenergize the lake’s biology. Since this urban oasis is a source of pride for neighbors, many regularly participate in Saturday Shore Line Spruce Ups.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden—66 acres of lush horticultural and seasonal beauty— is a popular point of interest on the shore of White Rock Lake. The Dallas Arboretum offers a wide range of annual botanical and cultural events, educational programs for children and adults, and an emphasis on family-oriented activities. Lakewood residents find that they are right at home in this enriching and inspiring setting.