Gaston-Garland-Grand TxDoT Meeting, Dec 12, 6 pm, Mount Auburn School

by megan

Categories: Real Estate


This meeting is of direct interest to everyone who lives on Gaston Avenue or uses it regularly.

Plans are underway to redesign the confusing intersection of Garland Road and Grand Avenue and Gaston Avenue.

Attendance at this meeting is our opportunity to insure that any solution to this intersection is not at the expense of our neighborhoods and homeowners. The long term effect of redesigning this major intersection will have an effect that goes far beyond the intersection itself. It has the potential to direct additional pass through traffic onto Gaston.

A few of the initial plans presented seemed to greatly favor the traffic from Garland Road moving onto Gaston Avenue (a four-lane residential arterial)  rather than onto the six-lane divided Grand Avenue that runs directly into I-30.

Over the long run directing additional fast pass-through traffic onto Gaston Avenue endangers the many fine homes that line Gaston. It is a far less appropriate use of existing roadways to in any way favor the flow of cars from Garland Road onto Gaston Aenue, rather than onto Grand. One plan I saw even required a left turn if one wished to drive down Grand. Short of making a left turn, all traffic from six-lane Garland Road would be funneled onto Gaston.

There are other options under consideration that give easy access from Garland Road to Grand Avenue. I believe it is in the best interest of our historic districts and of Gaston Avenue home owners and apartment owners (and the city at large) to minimize and calm traffic on Gaston Avenue. This meeting is our opportunity to let TXDOT know which plans we think are best.

See details and directions on the attached notice. The meeting is next Monday, December 12 at 6 PM at Mount Auburn School.  This is a follow up to a fall meeting that many of us did not know about.