Garland/Grand/Gaston intersection – Vote option 1

by megan

Categories: Real Estate

Option 1  – Yes!                                              Option 2 – No!

The Current Garland/Grand/Gaston (3G) Intersection

  • According to Advocate Magazine, Gaston Avenue is the most dangerous street in East Dallas: 131 accidents & 1 fatality in 2017.
  • Gaston Avenue is already over-capacity. It was designed to carry 14,000 cars per day but carries 18,600 cars.
  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) projects that Option #2 will bring 29,200 more cars in less than 20 years onto Gaston Avenue – a 40% increase.
  • Option 2 threatens to re-distribute the traffic pattern from Garland and Grand more heavily onto residential streets.

Please take a minute to click on the link below, and support in some way, either by emailing the elected officials, putting a sign up, donating, or just staying up to date with this important decision.